Transnational Anti-Organized Crime-Intelligence Group

Our Vision

To grow a proficient portfolio of intelligence networks to work hand-in-hand with the law enforcement units of the Philippines and member-countries of the United Nations committed to combat transnational organized crime, illegal drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, corruption, terrorism, human rights violations, kidnapping, and other forms of crimes against humanity and environment.

Our Mission

To establish and operate intelligence networks in an enormous fight against graft and corruption, in combating criminality, reducing poverty and addressing environmental concerns, in accordance with the constitution of the Republic of the Philippines and pursuant to the mandate of the United Nations. Integrated network, one organization, one peaceful and liveable nation.

Goals & Objectives

1. To promote world peace and order, eradicate graft and corruption as well as criminality;

2. To empower people and create humanitarian activities via livelihood programs and trainings;

3. To design and implement programs that will effectively address environmental concerns;

4. To avert moral degradation and effect a paradigm shift among the people through values formation and spiritual transformation seminars and workshops;

5. To strengthen our working partnership with local government agencies and with the united Nations and other international peacekeeping groups;

6. To assist community-based organizations in securing funding for livelihood projects from funding institutions local and overseas;

7. To awaken people’s sense of responsibility and awareness of duties as citizens of this country and of this world.

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